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Below is the original invitation to the women of Swiss Avenue to join the newly formed Swiss Avenue Women's Guild:
October 1995
Dear Swiss Avenue Neighbor:

You are cordially invited to be a founding member of the Swiss Avenue WomenÍs Guild. For several years the idea of a WomenÍs Guild has been considered but the timing did not appear to be right. Now its time has come. In October we held a planning meeting to see if there was enough support for this idea. The meeting was attended by 32 women. Their enthusiasm for the Guild was heartwarming. Seven board members and six chairmen were voted in, this yearÍs calendar was discussed, yearly dues of $35 were approved, and the Magnolia was recognized as the Guild's symbol. As you can see, we have an exciting year of social events planned. This Guild is not intended to take the place of or compete with the Swiss Avenue Historic District Association. There is room for both and we strongly encourage our members to continue to be involved with the District as it addresses issues important to us all. Our hope is that the Guild will build friendship and cohesiveness throughout the eight long blocks of our avenue. We plan to warmly welcome new neighbors through our Membership Committee, help the East Dallas charities that border our avenue through our Service Committee, raise the visibility of our beautiful neighborhood through our Promotion Committee AND most of all enjoy the company and friendship of the women who live on Swiss Avenue through our monthly social events. We fully understand and respect that each of us lead full and busy lives. Some Guild members will only have the time to attend our social events while others will wish to get more involved. There are no expectations for our members. So please come and join us, have fun, meet new friends and enrich your life.